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Humans (retrieves studies indexed with Humans or Humans & Animals)

NOT ("animals"[MeSH Terms] NOT "humans"[MeSH Terms])

MeSH (retrieves only citations that have been indexed with MeSH)


Adults (retrieves articles with Adult Mesh terms alone, with both Adult and Children, or with no mesh terms (yet).

NOT (("child"[MeSH Terms] OR "Infant"[MeSH Terms] OR "Adolescent"[MeSH Terms]) NOT "adult"[MeSH Terms])

LGBTQIA+ from the WHSC Library LGBTQIA+ research guide

Health Disparities and Minority Health Search Strategy - Last updated May 2019

PubMed Topic-Specific Queries (AIDS, Bioethics, Cancer, Complementary Med, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, Dietary Supplements, History of Med., Space Life Sciences, Systematic Reviews, Toxicology, Veterinary Science) MARCH 2021 UPDATE FROM NLM: Selected Queries No Longer Updated


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