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Political Science 394: Media and Politics in Comparative Perspective

Configuring Your Computer for Advanced Research

  1. Bookmark this guide and make an appointment with Chris.
  2. Install the Emory browser plugin 
    • There are several other useful plugins for direct access to Emory library resources, such as Libkey Nomad.
    • You can always add the proxy URL in front of any web page to determine if Emory has licensed access to the resource (particularly useful when on the open web): http//
  3. Be sure you are logged into LibrarySearch!
  4. Configure your Google Scholar settings to recognize Emory library resources.
    • Search for Emory on the "Library Links" page. Save your settings.
    • A great resource for utilizing Google Scholar most affectively is from the University of Pittsburgh.
    • Highly recommended to create your own account as well, that will allow you to create a personal library of citations (and search within them).
  5. Choose your reference management software. Many options are available, but the following three are the most commonly used at Emory.
  6. Check the list of upcoming workshops for relevant sessions.
    • Emory Libraries offers workshops in EndNote, Zotero, ArcGIS, research data management, copyright law, electronic thesis/dissertation submission, graduate test preparation, and other topics.