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Political Science 394: Media and Politics in Comparative Perspective

RSS and Twitter Feeds

You can set up alerts/feeds for many news outlets. Access World News and some of the larger combined newspaper databases also allow for such feeds. Look for options to create a personal account so as to enable set up.

You can add RSS feeds to your domain/web page, or simply have RSS feeds come through your browser, but you will most likely need an RSS "reader" to pull down the content and make it accessible in an easy-to-read format. Usually, the RSS feeds can be found at the bootom of the page along with other social media links!

More and more article databases offer RSS alerts for saved searches. This allows you to search for your topic once, then subscribe in your RSS reader to receive notifications of any new articles that match your search. 

Set Up Your Reader

First, you’ll need to set up a reader or “aggregator.” This is just a website where you can read all your feeds in one place. Two of the most popular reader sites are Bloglines and Feedly. Both are free and easy to use. (There are many others out there if you decide you don’t like either of these.) Just follow the instructions on either site to create an account.

You can also use numerous Wordpress plugins for RSS feeds to appear on your page--a good guide for these is here:  

The wordpress RSS aggregator seems to be the most popular in terms of cleanly adding content to your Wordpress/Domain site.  Any questions?  Let me know!


It is recommended to use the Twitter widget available on Twitter to use in your Wordpress/Domain page.