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A Classics Research Guide: Research Basics

Resources to help Classics, Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and the study of the civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome

Finding Books Using discoverE

discoverE searches books available to Emory patrons, which includes both e-books and hardcopy books located in Emory libraries.

More discoverE help tutorials here.

Language Resources

Greek Language Resources

  • Greek-English Lexicon. Ninth edition. AKA: Liddell-Scott-Jones (1996)
    Woodruff Reference: PA445 .E5 L6 1996
  • A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Literature (2000)
    Woodruff Reference: PA881 .B38 2000B
  • A Patristic Greek Lexicon (1976)
    Woodruff Reference: PA445 .E5 L3
  • Etymological Dictionary of Greek (2010)
    Woodruff Reference: PA422 .B44 2010
  • Greek Grammar for Colleges (1984)
    Woodruff Stacks: PA258 .S59 1984
    Online (1920 Edition):

Latin Language Resources

Atlases of the Ancient Mediterranean

  • Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (2000)
    Woodruff Reference Folio: G1033 .B3 2000
  • Historical Atlas of the Ancient World (2010)
    Woodruff Folio: G1033 .H5713 2010

Reference Works

Reference works such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are a great place to start. They often give good introductions to subject matters and offer bibliography for deeper analysis. Reference works are often available online or on the second floor of the Woodruff library. We recommend the following resources:

Oxford Classical Dictionary

The Oxford Classical Dictionary. Fourth Edition (2012)
Woodruff Reference: DE5 .O9 2012

This one-volume dictionary contains over 6,000 entries dealing with the classical world. The entries range from brief definitions to several paragraphs long, and are accompanied by bibliographic references.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece & Rome

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece & Rome (2010)
Woodruff Reference: DE5 .O95 2010

This is a seven-volume encyclopedia that is aimed at a general audience. It only treats eleven-hundred articles but the articles are typically longer than the Oxford Classical Dictionary and places more emphasis on the interpretation of the subject matter.

Brill’s New Pauly

Brill’s New Pauly (2002-2010)
Woodruff Reference: DE5 .N4813 2002

Translated from the German, this encyclopedia offers a detailed treatment of all aspects of Greek and Roman antiquity. Because it was originally a German work, the bibliographic references favor German sources.


Other dictionaries and encyclopedias:

  • Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization (2006)
    Woodruff Reference: DE5 .C28 2006
  • Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece (2006)
    Woodruff Reference: DF16 .E52 2006
  • The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture (2007)
    Woodruff Reference: N5610 .G76 2007
  • Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (1981-2009)
    Woodruff Reference: NX650 .M9 L48
  • The Music of Ancient Greece: An Encyclopedia (1978)
    Music Media Stacks: ML169 .M52
  • Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization (1998)
    Woodruff Reference: DE5 .092 1998
  • Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. Third Edition (2011)
    Woodruff Reference: PA31 .H69 2011
  • Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (1991, 2005)
    Woodruff Reference: DF521 .O93 1991