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LAW 747E - Law and Legal Professionals (Prof. Romig - Spring 2021): White Papers

White Paper

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What Are "White Papers?"

White papers are in-depth reports on a specific topic or issue, and typically posit a solution to the problem. 

The following are links to useful guides on what white papers and tips on how to write them: 

Sample White Papers

Professor Romig has identified three sample white papers for your reference and consideration while crafting your own white paper:

  1. Informative Purpose: Jeffrey Smith, Failure to Identify Addiction and Impairment Before Damage Occurs, Legal Ethics and Malpractice Written Materials, State Bar of Georgia CLE (December 2019), 
  2. Informative Purpose: Soberlink, Best Interests of the Child,  and
  3. Persuasive Purpose: FTI Consulting Paper, E-Discovery in 2020: The Sudden Shift in our Data Footprint