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LAW 747E - Law and Legal Professionals (Prof. Romig - Spring 2021): Introduction

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This research guide has been specifically created for students taking LAW 747E - Law and Legal Profession to help you navigate the process of creating, researching, outlining and drafting your industry white paper assignment.  Areas of focus contained in this research guide include:

  1. Resources to help you understand what a White Paper is (Assignment 1.3), 
  2. Tips for researching in Hein Online (Assignment 3.3), 
  3. Information to help you discern scholarly articles from popular articles (Assignment 3.3), 
  4. Information to help you search open access materials (Assignment 3.3), and
  5. Tips for researching in Bloomberg Law (Assignment 3.3).

Guide Authorship and Currency

Originally published on February 23, 2021 by Christine Park and Christina Glon.