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Emory, its Environment & Sustainability History

An overview of most of the major moments in Emory's natural environment & sustainability history

2006 - Office of Sustainability Initiatives

In the wake of the "Sustainability Vision for Emory" report and its subsequent adoption by the university, Emory formed the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI), appointed to oversee sustainability issues across Emory. Its first director, Ciannat Howett, was appointed in 2006.

2007 - Emory as Place Initiative

One can live in a place as a visitor or one can choose to become an inhabitant - Gary Snyder

Initially founded in 2004, the Emory as Place Initiative was developed into a full-fledged program in 2007. It was formed by Anthropology Professor Peggy Barlett, who wanted to encourage Emory faculty and students to think about sustainability specifically at Emory. According to Barlett, the initiative emphasized "Experience-based approaches" which "Offer campus walks, practices of observation, stilling, meditation, hikes and campouts (connecting Emory to the region)" (1).

Youtube has a video example of one of these walks, from 2009:

2006-2020 - Initiatives and Programs

[Photo of the spring house in Houston Mill Forest in 2013. Photo courtesy of B&E Roberts]


Since its inception, the OSI has overseen numerous initiatives and programs meant to ensure sustainability is a priority in every part of the Emory community. These include:

Facilities Management

Committee on the Environment (COE)

Emory Dining

Emory's Sustainability Vision History