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Public Policy Research at Emory

This guide is designed to assist you with public policy research and assignments, including (1) social indicator tracing and (2) policy synthesis papers

Essential Web Sites

Institutes, Compendia and Data Centers

Broad-based public policy institutes: a great annotated listing is available at the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy.

Recommended search for state-level public policy institutes/groups, etc. (note that these are often attached to a research university--though not always): search for terms such as "[state]" and "policy" and "institute" or "[state]" and "policy" and "research center." In searching for these, you may also come across many other issue-focused centers etc (which may exhibit some ideological biases). Finally, note that some states, dependent on size will have multiple centers.

Examples are:

For Statistical Handbooks & Almanacs, please use the following search (most of these are now available online): "[state] and statistical abstract." Note that these are also usually published or maintained by centers and institutes as well. Some of these are also connected to state data centers.

Examples are: