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Political Science 385: State Politics and Policy

To assist students with their semester projects.

Configuring Your Computer for Advanced Research

  1. Bookmark this guide!
  2. Log in to discoverE!
  3. Install the Emory browser plugin 
    • There are several other useful plugins for direct access to Emory library resources, such as Libkey Nomad.
    • You can always add the proxy URL in front of any web page to determine if Emory has licensed access to the resource (particularly useful when on the open web): http//
  4. Configure your Google Scholar settings to recognize Emory library resources.
    • Search for Emory on the "Library Links" page. Save your settings.
  5. Choose your reference management software. Many options are available, but the following three are the most commonly used at Emory.
  6. Check the list of upcoming workshops for relevant sessions.
    • Emory Libraries offers workshops in EndNote, Zotero, ArcGIS, research data management, copyright law, electronic thesis/dissertation submission, graduate test preparation, and other topics.

Having trouble connecting to the Emory wireless network?

Access to Materials in the Stacks

Please use discoverE to make requests for physical items, or contact your subject librarian.

  • For local users, depending on your registration status for being on campus, you may material for physical pickup.You will need to wait until you receive email confirmation to set up an appointment! For more information, please see our web page on borrowing materials.
  • For remote users, our preference remains to provide an e-copy alternative when available. We may be able to send you a duplicate copy our own copy, on a case by case basis. Please consider using tables of contents of materials (e.g., through Google Books) to determine if you need an entire book, or just a small selection through document delivery before placing requests. Also, consider Open Library as an option for texts (see below)!
  • Please note that it may take up to 5 days to fulfill your request. Some materials could take longer, particularly during high volume periods. Please consider Open Library and document delivery as options.
  • You may also work directly with your subject librarian purchase an e-book copy, when available, of a text we own in physical version, or use the purchase request form. Your subject librarian may also help you to see if there are other alternatives. 

To request materials:

  1. Login to discoverE.
  2. Search for your item & click on the record
  3. Click on the "locate/request item" and click on "request" and choose your library. Please click on the tab for "request article or chapter" if you just need a small portion of the desired text. 
  4. We will soon have an option for remote/personal delivery available. For now, pick your desired delivery desk, whether remote or local. You will receive an email for staff indicating next steps in fulfilling your request, whether it be a print copy being sent, or an e-copy being ordered or provided.


Document Delivery and ILL

All Emory faculty and library staff are eligible for document delivery (scanned articles or chapters) from the Emory Libraries. Eligible materials include journal articles and book chapters from the print collections in participating libraries. Learn how to place a document delivery request.

For items that are not owned by Emory University Librairies, please consider using our Interlibrary Loan services, and/or contacting me so we can potentially purchase a copy for our collection. Currently, the amount of interlibrary lending available is dependent upon the number of libraries offering these services. If we can not find a copy via ILL, we may also purchase a title for you (if available).