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HIST495 Introduction to Historical Interpretation (History Honors)

Guide for history honors students.

HIST495 Home

File:Medieval writing desk.jpgWelcome to the History 495 LibGuide! This guide provides a detailed step-by-step introduction to historical research for History Honors students in the HIST 495 class. It aims to help them find and gather relevant resources for their research papers.

This comprehensive guide is organized into different tabs so that students can quickly access the information that they need for their assignments and final research papers. There is a separate tab at the end with the research plan workbook and information about the in-class activities that we will cover during the 2-5 hours instruction session.

The history subject librarians' contact information is provided below. We would be happy to meet with you for in-depth research consultations.

Image: "Medieval Writing Desk" from Wikimedia Commons.

History Librarians

Erica Bruchko

U.S. History

Phone: 404.727.0657

Chella Vaidyanathan

European/ World History

Phone: 404.727.5049

ACRL Information Literacy Framework

The Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL) outlines six main concepts in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. They are:

  1. Authority Is Constructed and Contextual
  2. Information Creation as a Process
  3. Information Has Value
  4. Research as Inquiry
  5. Scholarship as Conversation
  6. Searching as Strategic Exploration

During the two main instructions sessions of the semester, the history librarians will focus on the following two frames:

  • Scholarship as Conversation
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration