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About the Emory Libraries ebook collections available to Emory students, faculty, and staff

E-Books Update Spring 2020

Please contact your subject librarian directly, or complete the purchase request form, to determine if we gain access to e-versions for materials for your research not currently available or currently on Reserve for teaching. We will make a concerted effort to locate an e-version for you. Please note that we will not in some cases be able to purchase a copy, due to restrictions on institutional purchases (e.g., Kindle copies from Amazon).

Here are some of our most popular collections.

You can search DiscoverE for our subscribed content to most of these collections. Where we have temporary expanded access due to the pandemic, records have been uploaded into DiscoverE (with a "temporary" indication).  Additional content may be available temporarily via the publisher site and DiscoverE, and is annotated below:

HathiTrust and Library of Congress

  • HathiTrust may be a good temporary solution for items in copyright currently in our Stacks‚ÄčHathiTrust is expanding fair use access to their corpus to ensure that academic communities can continue teaching and learning with HathiTrust resources if physical access to print collections is compromised during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) provides authenticated, limited access to specific materials in our collection via HathiTrust. Here's how it works:
    • Emory University user logs in to HathiTrust
    • Users will be able to read the book online, in the web browser, but will not be able to download the work in full. 
    • Users will “check out” a copy for a limited period of time and can renew the checkout or return the book.
    • For public domain books, typically 1924 and earlier, the user must also log in and can then download the entire book because the book is no longer protected by copyright.  This access to public domain books in HathiTrust has not changed.
      • Instructions on how to use here
  • LoC (Library of Congress) Open Access List

Leisure Reading