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Images: Finding and Using Digital Images

This guide will lead you through the process of identifying image collections (searching for images in licensed and Emory-built image collections and finding images on the open web) and then using them (understanding permissions and citing images correctl

Permissions at Emory

The use of images from Luna Insight and ARTstor are covered by copyright law and may also be covered by a license agreement.  If there is a license agreement for the image collection, the terms of the license agreement dictate the use of the images in that collection.  While these images are also covered by copyright law, the terms of the license will take precedence over copyright law, even where the license is more restrictive than copyright law.

The use of images from library and archive collections or from the web are covered by copyright law and may also have additional restrictions placed on their use by the owner of the images.  Contact the library, archives or the website for permission.

Emory Art History Collection

For rights information and permissions contact:

Christopher Sawula, Visual Resources Librarian 404-727-6262 at the Art History department's VRL

Emory, Pitts’ Digital Image Archive

Thse 50,000 images, scanned from public domain items in Pitt's Special Collections,  include biblical illustrations, portraits of religious leaders, emblem books, engravings of church buildings, printer’s devices, and a variety of other topics, mainly theological. They are available free for use for teaching, research and non-commercial uses and for a modest fee for commercial use.


ARTstor (

You may access, use, display, make performances with, reproduce and distribute the Content in the ARTstor Digital Library, provided you abide by the access and distribution restrictions in section 4, for the following Permitted Uses only: (a) classroom instruction and related classroom activities; (b) student assignments and research; (c) research activities of faculty, scholars, and curators; (d) public display or public performance as part of a noncommercial scholarly or educational presentation, such as in an educational, cultural, or scholarly seminar, class, lecture, conference, exhibit, or workshop, or a similar noncommercial professional activity, if such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field; (e) use in a student, faculty, or curatorial portfolio, including non-public display thereof, if such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field; (f) use in research or a dissertation, including reproductions of the dissertation, provided such reproductions are only for personal use, library deposit, and/or use solely within the institution(s) with which you and/or your faculty or curatorial readers are affiliated (collectively “Permitted Uses”). From ArtStor License Agreement

Scholar’s Resource Collection (Saskia) (

3. (a)    Licensee, including faculty, staff and currently enrolled students may use the Licensed Software to display and or print the corresponding graphic images without limitation for teaching and research purposes at the defined Site, or at remote locations having electronic access to your Site(s).

4. (b)    The Licensed Software may not be used for preparation of any publication, scholarly or otherwise; or for any purpose other than teaching or research.  Images included in the Licensed Software may be used in student and or doctoral theses, provided that they are not published. Publication of an image from the Licensed Software requires a separate license in writing from Saskia.   From Saskia License Agreement

Archivision Digital Research Library: (

6. (c) Authorized Users as defined in 5) (a) i – 5) (a) iv may use Archivision Images and derivatives for educational, research and personal use in the environment of the University, including remote locations having secure electronic access to the University network, on a not-for-profit basis, e.g. in lectures, classroom seminars, student papers, assignments, presentations, and theses, and for such purposes only may print, download or may duplicate and use Archivision Images, including use in conjunction with presentation software, e.g., PowerPoint or other presentation software such as Luna Insight, ARTStor Off-Line, etc, and in an online or off-line environment. Collections of Licensed Materials may also be placed on a web page for classroom study by an instructor so long as that page is not open to the World Wide Web but restricted in some manner, such as the use of a password;

6. (d) Authorized Users as defined in 5) (a) i – 5) (a) iv may incorporate selected Licensed Materials into their Electronic Classroom Management Systems, such as Canvas, so long as access is restricted in some manner, such as the use of a password;

6. (e) The University and Authorized Users as defined in 5) (a) i – 5) (a) iv may use reasonable portions of the Licensed Materials in electronic reserves for specific courses of instruction offered by the University, where access is restricted to students enrolled in the course, to instructors, and to staff responsible for the electronic reserves service, and such access is limited to the duration of the course. from Archivision License Agreement

Athanasius Kircher (

The images of documents from the Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University provided by the Kircher Correspondence Project may be copied, downloaded and printed for individual scholarly use. They may not be used for commercial purposes. Authors wishing to use small numbers of  images from the site to illustrate scholarly publications may do so providing they write "Courtesy of the Kircher Correspondence Project", and cite the general URL of the project at least once in the article or scholarly work.

Scholarly use of information contained in the site should also acknowledge the Kircher Correspondence Project and give the general URL of the project. Citations of particular letters or documents should specify the unique Title-ID of the document given in the document data  From Athanasius Kircher website at

Catena (

The images and educational materials in this website are for research and educational use only as dictated by the doctrine of “fair use.” To obtain copyright permission for publication or other purposes, you must contact the copyright holder directly.  From Catena website Terms of Use at  These images are intended for research and educational use only. To obtain copyright permission for publication or other purposes, you must contact the copyright holder directly. From Luna Insight rights information, which also includes copyright holder information

Claire Holt Indonesian Art Images (

To request permission to publish—electronically or in print—consult our Reproduction Services page at From Claire Holt Papers website at  The photographs comprising this collection, as well as the original works of art and architecture represented in some of the photographs, may be copyrighted by their creators. See for more information on rights and permissions.  From Luna Insight rights information

Estate Project for Artists with AIDS (

Contact artist directly for permission.  The artist and contact information is included in the Luna Insight Descriptive Data.  Contact information for the Project is:    The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS
330 West 42nd Street, Suite 1701
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212.947.6340
Fax: 212.947.6416

From Estate Project for Artists with AIDS  website

John Carter Brown Library, Archive of Early Americana (

The Library assumes that an order for a photographic or digital image of any item in the collection is for personal use only. If the image is to be publicly distributed in any form or medium – print, photocopy, digital, video, etc. – special permission fees will apply and the John Carter Brown Library must be formally and prominently credited.   From Brown Library website at URL above.

Maps of Africa (

Contact directly for permissions: Glen Worthey, Head of HDIS
phone: 650.725.5647
221C Bing Wing, Green Library
Stanford, CA 94305-6004     From Stanford Libraries Humanities Digital Information Service website at

Museums and Online Archive of California (MOAC) (

By their use of these digital images, texts, audio and video recordings, users agree to follow these conditions of use:

  • for purposes of research, teaching and private study, users may reproduce (print or download) in accordance with fair use materials or link to materials from this website without prior permission, on the condition they give proper credit of the collection owning repository
  • materials may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior written permission from the copyright owner
  • materials may not be republished in print or electronic form without prior written permission from the copyright owner and/or the repository.
  • materials may not be mounted on an additional server for public use, or for use by a set of subscribers without prior written permission from the copyright owner


National Palace English (

Contact Lee & Lee Communications directly for permissions:

Kenneth Wang
Tel :650-424-8033
From Cultural Café website at URL above.

Political Americana Collection (

This digital collection and its contents are owned and operated by the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library. Digital reproductions are provided for private study, scholarship and research use only and may not be downloaded for use in electronic or print publications (including web sites), exhibitions, or broadcasts, without permission

            From Luna Insight rights information

Digital reproductions available through the Luna Insight browser from the Susan H. Douglas Collection of Political Americana may be copied and used freely for the purposes of private study, scholarship or research without written permission. However, in order to use the digital reproductions from the Susan H. Douglas Collection of Political Americana in any other way, users must make a request in writing to: Permissions Coordinator of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, 2B Kroch Library, Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY 14853 or fax the request to the Permissions Coordinator at 607-255-9524. Permission requests should include the image accession number, along with the title of publication or broadcast (printed or electronic), expected date of publication or broadcast, type of publication or broadcast (scholarly, general, etc.) and expected print run or distribution.

            From Cornell University Library Copyright & Permissions website at


Rutgers (

Rights assigned to Rutgers University, Department of Art History; academic use not restricted.

From Luna Insight rights information

Contact Rutgers Department of Art History for permission:

Visual Resources Collection
Department of Art History
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Voorhees Hall, 71 Hamilton Street
New Brunswick, NJ, 08903
(732) 932-7041 ext.39 From Rutgers Department of Art History website at

Rylands (

The John Rylands University Library [JRUL], The University of Manchester, retains the copyright and publication rights for all images in this collection, unless otherwise stated in the data accompanying individual images.

You may use the images for private study without seeking permission. You may also use the images for strictly educational purposes (e.g. in Power Point presentations or in student handouts) without the need to seek permission. However, in such cases you must acknowledge the Library: “Reproduced by courtesy of the University Librarian and Director, The John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester”.  For all other uses you are required to seek the permission of the Library if you wish to reproduce images from the collection. You will probably be required to pay a reproduction fee. To apply for permission to reproduce images from our collections please complete and submit the Application for Reproduction Rights Permission Form at,33611,en.pdf

From JRUL website at

David Rumsey Map Collection (

Images copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates. Images may be reproduced or transmitted, but not for commercial use. For commercial use or commercial republication, contact This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. By downloading any images from this site, you agree to the terms of that license.

Creative Commons License allows you to Share and Remix under the following conditions.  You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).  You may not use this work for commercial purposes. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this o

            From David Rumsey Map Collection website at URL above.

For questions, updates or revisions, please contact the Emory Scholarly Communications Office