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Images: Finding and Using Digital Images

This guide will lead you through the process of identifying image collections (searching for images in licensed and Emory-built image collections and finding images on the open web) and then using them (understanding permissions and citing images correctl

Application to create a JSTOR Forum Collection (Faculty and Graduate Students only)

Jstor Forum (formerly Artstor Shared Shelf) Cataloging Template

To ensure interoperability between collections and improve accessibility and discovery, a template has been created for Emory users of JSTOR Forum. It contains 19 fields that will provide a basic description for any collection within ARTstor. Note that not all 19 fields need to be filled out. Some fields are required, some are required if applicable and some are recommended. For more information please contact Simon O'Riordan, Metadata Librarian at Woodruff Library (

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*Note* Each field has an associated "type." For example, a "List Field" type means selecting from a list of possible values and a "Text Field" indicates a simple text box to enter in the data.

In addition to the Core Template, you can also add additional custom fields with the assistance of the library's Metadata Librarian to provide further detail and description.

Here is an example of some custom metadata fields for a digital collection

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For more information on metadata for digital collections, please see the Emory Metadata website. (link)