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Images: Finding and Using Digital Images

This guide will lead you through the process of identifying image collections (searching for images in licensed and Emory-built image collections and finding images on the open web) and then using them (understanding permissions and citing images correctl

Art and Architecture Image Collections

archINFORM  informationon built and unrealized projects from various architects and planners of the 20th century i

ArchNet Digital Library An online community and resource for architects, urban designers, landscape architects, planners, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.

Art Resource - a fully searchable collection of fine art reference images. Publication and projection quality images are available from Art Resource for a fee.

Bridgeman Art Library-  offers keyword searching and display of its collection art images from more major international museums, galleries, auction houses, and other collections. Publication and projection quality images are available from Bridgeman Art Library for a fee.

Cities and Buildings Database - a collection of digitized images of buildings and cities drawn from across time and throughout the world, available to students, researchers and educators on the web.  contains approximately digital items captured from paintings, sound recordings, films, and texts from Europe's galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Included are works of art, maps, photos, books, newspapers, letters, diaries, archival papers, etc.

Gallica - a digital initiative of the National Library of France. Several search options are available as well as themed exhibitions of digital collections, e.g., Voyages en Italie and Voyages en Afrique.

Great Buildings Collection - a collection documents architecture around the world. is also cross-linked with ArchitectureWeek, the leading architecture magazine online, and Archiplanet, the community-created all-buildings collection.

Grove Art Online provides keyword searching and access to digital images of art works from museums, galleries, and art collections around the world.

Marburger Index: Bilddokumentation zur Kunst in Deutschland Contains photographic reproductions of art, architecture, furniture, paintings, drawings, manuscripts, etc. In German and English. Expanding archive of high quality QTVR panoramas representing all subject areas, including art, architecture, and cultural history.

RIBApix - images from the collections of the British Architectural Library at the Royal Institute of British Architects

World Images -  provides access to the California State University IMAGE Project. It contains digital images which may be freely used for educational purposes

Smithsonian Institution Digital Collections

VADS  - An expanding collection of images to support research, learning and teaching by providing visual arts digital resources. The mission of the UK VADS project is to encourage, support and facilitate engagement with visual arts digital resources through collaborative and creative endeavor