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Anthropology How To

A guide for undergraduates undertaking an in-depth anthropological research project

Software at Emory

Emory University provides access to a variety of software resources through site licenses and computer workstations located throughout campus. To find out what might be available to you, consult these lists maintained by Student Digital Life.

Software available by location - Several advanced software packages are only available in specific locations on campus or to grad students. Consult the list to find workstations with MAXQDA, NVivo, UCINET, ArcGIS, various statistical packages, and media editing software. 

Software available for download from Emory Software Distribution.

Transcription software - Emory does not currently license transcription software for student use. However, there are some good options available:

  • Audacity - free and open source!
  • Express Scribe - moderately priced licenses, basic and professional versions.
  • Dragon - higher cost speech recognition software. This software works best for transcribing a single speaker's voice (e.g. dictation) and many researchers have reported disappointing results for transcribing interviews.

Equipment and Spaces

Emory provides a variety of tech spaces and equipment, as well as reservable spaces for group study, web conferencing, and video and audio production.

The TechLab offers equipment such as 3D printing, 3D scanners, hand tools and power tools, virtual reality resources, and more.

The MediaLab Provides resources for graphic design, video, audio, and image editing, web development, and 3D modeling.

The TechLab and MediaLab are staffed with student technology specialists to assist you with utilizing the software and equipment. Hours and locations are listed on their webpages.

Video, Photo, and Audio Production

Student Digital Life studios support video, photo, and audio production, practicing and recording presentations, and online conferencing and streaming. See the Production Studio Overview and the links below: