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Create a Library

Open EndNote.

In the EndNote menu, select File/New.

Give your library a name and choose where to save it on your computer.

NOTE: you will be saving BOTH a .enl file, which is the EndNote library AND a data folder of the same name. These need to be kept together.

Add Journals Term List(s)

Add a journals term list -- or more than one -- if you choose. These can help avoid problems with journal names displaying incorrectly in bibliographies.They provide the most common journals -- and their abbreviations with and without periods -- for particular subject areas.

  • To add one or more journal terms lists:
  • Select Library/Open Term Lists/Journals Term List
  • Click the “Lists” tab at the top of the window that opens
  • Click the label “Import Lists”
  • Navigate to your Endnote Program files and open the TERMS folder
  • Choose the term list you want to import. Endnote will import the terms list and tell you how many terms have been added to your library. Click OK to continue.


EndNote Terms list