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Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Research Guide

Guide to doing research on Russia and the former Soviet republics and the countries of Eastern Europe



Created in 1993, REESWeb is the Virtual Library covering Russia and Eastern Europe. In its 15 year history, REESWeb has sought to help users identify high quality web content that is located in or focuses on the region stretching from Bohemia to Central Asia.
All web sites listed in REESWeb are vetted by the editors, categorized for easy searching, and annotated to provide users with a good idea of what they will find upon visiting a site. This hands-on orientation places a high value on precision and quality in its listings rather than volume and, as such, should provide helpful to researchers, academics and casual users who want to find relevant material on the web rather than sifting through thousands of search results.


Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives presents an in-depth look at life in the Gulag through exhibits featuring original documentaries and prisoner voices; an archive filled with documents and images; and teaching and bibliographic resources that encourage further study. Visitors also are encouraged to reflect and share their thoughts about the Gulag system.


NYPL Digital Library - includes thousands of images from prints, books, and historical maps published in Russia and adjacent areas between 1730 and 1935. Most notably, includes the several series issued by 19th-century collector and scholar, Dimitrii Aleksandrovich  Rovinskii. Special collections include:


Inventory of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Digital Projects

Электронная библиотека исторических документов

 Задачей проекта является создание Электронной библиотеки исторических документов, в которой исследователи в открытом доступе смогут найти, в перспективе, все исторические документы, опубликованные в России с 1991 года.

Электронная библиотека исторических документов