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Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Research Guide

Guide to doing research on Russia and the former Soviet republics and the countries of Eastern Europe



Eighteenth Century Russian Studies
Microfiche 835
A collection of over 450 titles covering 18th century Russian history, literature, drama, science, bibliography and publishing and other topics. The guide to the collection is in Microguides: Microguide Micfiche 835 

Russian futurism, 1910-1916: poetry and manifestoes
Microfiche 1189
Contains 54 titles relating to Russian art and poetry.

Russian history and culture (1978 - . In progress)
Microfiche 1119

A collection of Russian language books on all subjects deposited in the Helsinki University library during the years Finland was a Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire (1809-1917). Records for individual titles in the collection are in Euclid.

Symbolism, Futurism, Acmeism, Imaginism
Microfiche 811
A large set containing works by the major authors (Bely, Blok, Gippius, Guro, Maiakovskii, Akhmatova, etc.)of the four title movements along with periodicals, pamphlets and criticism. The guide to the collection is in Microguides:  Microguide Micfiche 811



 The all-union population census, 1939 (Vseso´i`uzna´i`a perepis’ naseleni´i`a 1939 goda)
Microfilm 4424
The all-union population census, 1937 (Vseso´i`uzna´i`a perepis’ naseleni´i`a 1937 goda).

1959 all-union population census (Vseso´i`uzna´i`a perepis’ naseleni´i`a 1959 goda)
Microfilm 4425

Voice of the people under Soviet rule (Golosa iz sovetskoi ·epokhi)
Microfilm 4423
From the holdings of the People's Archive : iz ´T`Sentra dokumenta´t`sii "Narodnyi arkhiv" Moskva, Rossi´i`a.

Holodomor: famine in Ukraine, 1932-1933
Microfilm 4421
From the Central State Archive of Public Organizations, Kiev.

Fond 89, kollektsiia kopii rassekrechennykh dokumentov = Fond 89, declassified documents, collection of duplicates
Microfilm 3292
Alternate title is "The Communist Party of the Soviet Union on Trial, 1918-1992." Consists of 76 opisi that were microfilmed onto 24 reels. Russian language finding aids to these opisi were placed on a separate reel.

The Leon Trotsky Papers
Microfilm 2056
The papers of Lev Davydovich Trotskii and Lev L'vovich Sedov, 1920-1940 from the Nikolaevsky Collection in the Archives of the Hoover Institution. The guide to the collection is in Microguides: Microguide Micfilm 2056