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Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Research Guide

Guide to doing research on Russia and the former Soviet republics and the countries of Eastern Europe

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Searching for REEES Materials in Library Catalogues


Two things the REEES researcher must contend with are transliteration and geographical names.

We use the Library of Congress transliteration scheme for Russian. Many scholarly associations and most foreign libraries use different schemes. But, we also ignore the Library of Congress rules for certain names: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky.

The demise of the Soviet Union and other countries has spawned a number of rules affecting the use of subject terms in the catalog. These can be summarized as follows:

Russia/Soviet Union

If the subject you are interested in occurs:

Before 1917   use  Russia
Between 1917 and 1992  use   Soviet Union
After 1992  use  Russia (Federation)
After 1992  use  Former Soviet Republics

Refers to the country that existed from 1918 to 1993. Czech Republic stands for the present sovereign nation, as well as the constitutent part of Czechoslovakia for the period 1990-1992.
The heading Slovakia is valid for the sovereign nation that came into existence on January 1, 1993, as well as for the the republic that existed 1939-1945 and the pre-1918 entity belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The heading Slovak Republic (Czechoslovakia) covering the constituent part of Czechslovakia for the period 1990-1992 remains a valid heading.

The term "Yugoslavia" applies only to:

The geographic area of the country that existed from 1918-1992
The smaller country, comprised of Serbia and Montenegro, that was left between 1992 and February, 2003

"Yugoslavia" is no longer valid as a subject for time periods after February 2003.

 Current Name                              Former Name

Former Soviet Republics             Soviet Union
Russia (Federation)                     Russian S.F.S.R
Armenia (Republic)                      Armenian S.S.R.
Azerbaijan                                      Azerbaijan S.S. R.
Belarus                                           Byelorussian S.S.R.
Estonia                                            Estonian S.S.R.
Georgia (Republic)                       Georgian S.S.R.
Kazakhstan                                    Kazakh S.S.R.
Kyrgysztan                                      Kirghiz S.S.R.
Latvia                                              Latvian S.S.R
Lithuania                                       Lithuania
Moldova                                         Moldavian S.S.R.
Tajikstan                                        Tajik S.S.R.
Turkmenistan                               Turkmen S.S.R.
Ukraine                                          Ukraine
Uzbekistan                                    Uzbek S.S.R.

Nominal Form        Adjectival Form

Russia                      Russian
Armenia                    Armenian
Azerbaijan                 Azerbaijani
Belarus                     Belarusian
Estonia                      Estonian
Georgia                     Georgian
Kazakhstan               Kazakh
Kyrgyzstan                Kyrgyz
Latvia                         Latvian
Lithuania                   Lithuanian
Moldova                     Moldavian
Tajikstan                   Tajik
Turkmenistan           Turkmen
Ukraine                      Ukrainian
Uzbekistan                Uzbek