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Reading a citation

Citations include brief information about an article, like the article title, author, journal title and date.

Make sure to keep track of your citations because if you use the information from an article in your research paper, you will need to cite that article in your bibliography.

Here is a sample citation in Chicago style:

De Loughry, Treasa. “America’s Signal Crisis in Salman Rushdie’s Fury.” Journal of Commonwealth Literature 52, no. 3 (September 2017): 484–500. doi:10.1177/0021989416684900.

This citation includes:

  • Author name: Treasa De Loughry
  • Article title: America's Signal Crisis in Salman Rushdie's Fury
  • Journal title: Journal of Commonwealth Literature
  • Journal volume and issue numbers: 52, no. 3
  • Date published: September 2017
  • Pages in journal: 484-500
  • Digital Object Identifier (if article is available online): doi:10.1177/0021989416684900

Finding an article when you only have the citation

  1. Check the journal title in the EJOURNALS database first, to see if we have an electronic copy of the journal. The EJournals database lists all of the journals in electronic format subscribed to by the Emory Libraries.
  2. If we don't own an electronic version of the journal, we may still own a print copy. Search the JOURNAL TITLE in Library Search (select "Journals" under the search box).