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Jewish Studies Research Guide

Historical Newspapers

For additional Newspaper recommendations, please visit the Newspapers and Periodicals page of this guide

Historical Jewish Press: U.S. and Canadian Jewish Newspapers from the National Library of Israel

Searchable database of American Newspapers: Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers

The American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger. New York, N.Y.: American Hebrew Pub. Co, 1903.

American Hebrew and Jewish Tribune. New York: American Hebrew Pub. Co, 1932.

Jewish Life. New York, N.Y.: Morning Freiheit Association, 1946.

Jewish Affairs. New York, N.Y.: Communist Party, U.S.A, 1970.

American Jewish Review. Atlanta: Albert Herskowitz, 1912.

  Annual ReportNew York: Jewish Agricultural Society, 1943-1952, 1955-1958

The Occident, and American Jewish Advocate : A monthly periodical devoted to the diffusion of knowledge on Jewish literature and religionPhiladelphia , 1843-1869, periodical founded by Isaac Leeser (see under Electronic Databases.)


American Jewish History. Baltimore, MD: American Jewish Historical Society, 1978.

Studies in American Jewish Literature. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1981.

American Jewish Historical Quarterly. Waltham, Mass., etc.: American Jewish Historical Society, 1961.

American Jewish Year Book. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, The American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Committee, 1900.

The American Jewish Archives Journal. Cincinnati, Ohio: The Center, 1997.

The American Jewess. Chicago : Rosa Sonneschein Co., 1895-1899