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International Commercial Arbitration

National Laws on Commercial Arbitration

ICCA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration: Available in the Kluwer Arbitration database and as looseleaf volumes at K2400 .I594 1984. Chapters by jurisdiction include annexes with arbitration-related acts translated into English.

Transnational Dispute Management: Legal & Regulatory Docs include arbitration-related national laws and rules, in the vernacular or in English translation

Westlaw: International Arbitration Materials include national legislation from Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union. 

Federal Arbitration Act (US): United States Code Title 9: Available on Westlaw, Lexis, House Office of the Law Revision Counsel


Secondary Sources with Information on National Commercial Arbitration Law

Secondary sources with chapters on multiple jurisdictions will provide summaries and analysis of national laws, sometimes with citations for finding legislation.

ICCA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration: Available in the Kluwer Arbitration database and as looseleaf volumes at K2400 .I594 1984. Chapters by jurisdiction provide information on the arbitration law and practice of that country. Kluwer Arbitration also has the ICCA Yearbook Commercial Arbitration (1976-date), with national reports on arbitration law. 

International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives (on Lexis): Chapters on international commercial arbitration practice in select jurisdictions (regions and some individual countries) in Part II. 

Practitioner's Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration (Oxford Legal Research Library): Reports on the arbitration systems and laws of thirteen countries, as well as commentaries on the arbitration rules of the ICC, ICDR, LCIA, and UNCITRAL. 

Lexology Panoramic (formerly Getting the Deal Through): Q&A articles by jurisdiction on laws and procedures under Dispute Resolution, Investment Treaty Arbitration, other commercial areas of law

Practical Law (Westlaw): Practice notes, articles, standard documents, case updates on International Arbitration and other commercial areas of law by country. 

ICLG Legal Guides: Guides with chapters by country include International Arbitration and Investor-State Arbitration. Subscription resources, but some chapters have free access. 

Global Legal Insights Guides by practice area and jurisdiction chapters. International arbitration is included in the volume for Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Subscription resources with free access to jurisdiction chapters.

Digest of Commercial Laws of the World (Print at K1004.4 1998). Looseleaf with chapters on commercial law by jurisdiction. Include subchapters on arbitration. 

General Sources for National Domestic Laws

Foreign Law Guide database:  The Foreign Law Guide has entries for most countries of the world, with descriptions of their legal systems and history and references to primary sources, topical sources, and English translations. The Subject Headings for each country cite (and sometimes link) major statutes and secondary source publications for that subject area. Arbitration & Mediation is one of the subject areas included.

Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World (Law Library of Congress): Free source with links to statutes, courts, government agencies, and sources of information on countries of the world.

NYU GlobaLex Guides to Foreign Law Research: Guides by country include information on research of countries with links and sources to primary information. 

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