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Collection Management@Emory Libraries

Forms, Data, Policies, and Best Practices


CMTAG (Reviews, assesses, and prioritizes requests for new electronic resources for Woodruff Library in the pursuit of establishing a robust e-resource collection.  The group includes representatives from subject teams, metadata, and electronic and continuing resources who help to address and evaluate relevant issues surrounding the funding, discovery, licensing and management of e-resources)


  • Chris Palazzolo, Head of Collection Management, Chair
  • James Steffen, Humanities Team Leader
  • Jennifer Elder, Sciences and Social Sciences Team Leader
  • Guo-Hua Wang, Area Studies Team Leader
  • Marian Kelly, AMS (Acquisition and Metadata Services)
  • Susan Kellett Gue, Electronic Resources Licensing Coordinator
  • Sofya Slutskaya, Head of Resource Description
  • Katherine Hart, Head of Electronic and Continuing Resources