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Collection Management@Emory Libraries

Forms, Data, Policies, and Best Practices

Best Practices

  • Developing, stewarding and sustaining access to collections that support and research and learning at Emory
  • Building intentionality into developing collections that reflect and represent values of social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Maintaining and deepening assessment for our print and electronic collections to support collection decision-making
  • Collaborating with the Emory community to make informed decisions regarding the purchasing and management of electronic and physical collections
  • Remaining flexible to support new and developing areas of research
  • Supporting and maintaining balance between electronic and print resources in light of faculty and student preference
  • Appreciating the demands placed on essential and integral support infrastructure in technical services (acquisitions, metadata, and electronic and continuing resources)
  • Supporting financially and open access initiatives, both locally and (inter)nationally.
  • Facilitating and leveraging access to other local Emory collections, as well as to other peer institutions and partnerships with national organizations and collaborative initiatives (e.g., print retention agreements and joint e-purchasing)