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LAW 783J - Jurisprudence of Human Rights (Prof. Perry Fall 2022)

Comparative Law Sources

Global Legal Monitor: Browse by topic or jurisdiction, including international courts, or search to find articles on developments in foreign and international law. Articles are in English and include links to primary and news sources referenced (through The Topics list includes Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Equal Protection, Capital Punishment, Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, and Poverty and Welfare Assistance. 

Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index: Find treatises and other resources that compare multiple jurisdiction on focused subjects, by subject or jurisdiction. Subjects include constitutional law, human rights, and privacy.

ILGA: Sexual orientation laws, plus its annual report on state-sponsored homophobia

Legislationline: OSCE/ODIHR database of European human rights laws. Constitutions, criminal codes, and human rights laws by topic or country. Includes documents of international organizations, and translated national laws. 

ILO NATLEX: Labor, employment, and human rights laws to browse by country or subject. Some results in full text, others as abstracts with citations. 

ECOLEX: Environmental legislation, jurisprudence, and treaties. Keyword filters include climate change, ecosystem preservation, equity, public health, and sustainable development.

World Justice Project Rule of Law IndexMeasures of the adherence to the rule of law, including fundamental rights and civil and criminal justice. 

Constitutions of Other Countries

Hein World Constitutions IllustratedNational constitutions in official languages and English translation, both current and historical, with commentaries and scholarly articles on Hein Online. 

Oxford Constitutions of the World: National constitutions in English translation, with constitutional overview articles and commentaries, and some constitutional treatises on Oxford. Includes state and provincial constitutions and territories. 

Constitute Project: Browse and compare constitutional provisions of national constitutions by subject, in English. Topic filters include culture and identity, international law, judiciary, rights and duties, citizenship, indigenous groups, and race and ethnicity. 

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law: Articles on topics in constitutional law with citations and comparisons between countries. Articles include bibliographies and select cases. 

 CODICES Database of Constitutional caselaw from the Venice Commission and the Council of Europe. Includes constitutions, laws, and court decisions from countries of the world . There’s an alphabetical index and a search function

National Courts

WorldLII: Judgments from BAILII and other Legal Information Institute, directory with links to other courts

National and Regional Databases:

vLex Global: Europe and Latin America. Judgments, official gazettes, and secondary sources. Includes a machine translation feature, and allows searching in English. 

SCC OnlineIndia and some other south Asian and African countries. Includes reports from the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Court, and tribunals and commissions of India. 

ICLR: Official English law reports, browsable by topic as well as searchable. One of the topic headings is Human Rights. 

AfricanLII: African caselaw, statutes, and Official Gazettes, including some regional courts and commissions.

SAFLII: South Africa. Links to courts and tribunals, including provincial courts. 

BAILII (British and Irish): Find cases by citation, title, court,  search, or recent decisions. 

CommonLII (Commonwealth countries): Include several Caribbean and African databases with courts. 

JURICAF (Francophone countries): Search caselaw from Francophone countries in Europe, the Americas, and Africa

Links to courts and jurisprudence:

Foreign Law Guide: Descriptions of legal systems and courts by country, and titles and some links to sources for caselaw. 

GlobaLex : Research guides by country, with links to courts and other sources. 

Law Library of Congress Guide to Law Online: Guides arranged by branch of government, with links to courts and official gazettes, plus links to legal research guides and country reports. 


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