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LAW 783J - Jurisprudence of Human Rights (Prof. Perry Fall 2022)

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court website: Calendars, oral argument transcripts, orders, granted cases list, opinions, US Reports official volumes

News, current awareness, and pending case information:

SCOTUSblog: News, analysis, summaries of pending cases, featured petitions, statistics

US Law Week: Available on Bloomberg Law. Trending legal news, especially on the US Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts. You can filter stories by topic, including civil rights, abortion, race discrimination, equal protection. 

Supreme Court Today : Available on Bloomberg Law. Filter by Event Type and then by Primary Topic to see a list of pending cases filed or granted review on a given topic.

Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (ABA)Analysis of upcoming cases; the Table of contents includes topic headings. 

Decisions by topic area:

Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation: An annotated Constitution with analysis of cases decided by the Supreme Court, prepared by the Congressional Research Service. The electronic version is searchable, can by filtered by article or amendment or topic,  and includes analysis of the most recent Supreme Court opinions. The print version is available as a PDF. 

Supreme Court Yearbook (CQ Press): Browse by term, case name, or by topic area. Brief summaries of cases. 

CRS Reports (Congressional Research Service): Reports include an annual review of selected major rulings by term, regular Court Watcher reports on recent appellate decisions of interest to lawmakers, and other reports on major cases and issues before the Supreme Court. 

Westlaw Resources

‚ÄčWestlaw Cases by Topic: Civil Rights Cases

Westlaw Key Numbers: 78 Civil Rights

ALR (American Law Reports): Annotations analyzing significant cases. Use the Digest to find by topic, or search. Articles cite cases on the topic in different jurisdictions, with an index of subtopics. 

AmJur (American Jurisprudence 2d): Legal encyclopedia arranged by topic, with case citations. 

Westlaw Bulletin - US Supreme Court: Supreme Court news and case summaries by topic, including cases with certiorari granted or denied. 

Federal Civil Rights Acts 3d ed. (Smolla): Treatise on civil rights, with chapters arranged by particular rights. 

State & Local Government Civil Rights Liabililty (Bodensteiner and Levinson): Treatise on federal civil rights statutes applied to state and local governments. 


Lexis Resources

Lexis Cases by Practice Area: Civil Rights Law

Lexis Practice Area: Civil Rights Law: Cases, statutes, secondary materials

ALR (American Law Reports): Use segments to search by terms. Annotations analyzing significant cases. Articles cite cases on the topic in different jurisdictions, with an index of subtopics.

AmJur (American Jurisprudence 2d)Legal encyclopedia arranged by topic, with case citations. 

Civil Rights Actions (Cook): Treatise on civil rights litigation, arranged by particular rights. 


Collections of Civil and Human Rights Cases

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division: Enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status, and national origin. Find publications and reports, case summaries by topic, and topic information on hate crimes and reproductive rights.

University of Michigan Civil Rights Litigation ClearinghouseDocuments (dockets, complaints, orders) and information from civil rights cases, both historical and recent. One of the filters is by issue. 

Southern Center for Human Rights: Information on the organization's work in areas including the death penalty and the criminalization of poverty, with resources including handbooks.

American Civil Liberties Union: Reports and cases in which the ACLU is involved with preservation of individual rights and liberties. Topic areas include Capital Punishment, Human Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice, and Reproductive Freedom. 

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