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LAW 860 - Law, Institutions, and Growth (Prof. Sybblis, Spring 2022)

General Information and Country Profiles

CIA World Factbook: Basic country information includes official languages, systems of government, legal systems, statutory and regulatory publication names

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index includes measures of the adherence to the rule of law, including constraints on government power, absence of corruption, open government, and regulatory enforcement.

CRS Research Reports: Reports by the Congressional Research Service on issues before Congress. Find them on,, the Federation of American Scientists, and ProQuest Congressional. has reports listed by region; has them by topic, including Foreign Affairs, and Trade and International Finance.


Subject Area Reports by Country

Getting the Deal Through (Lexology): Q&A articles by jurisdiction and subject, frequently with citations to statutes.  Subject areas include Banking & Finance; Competition & Regulatory, Infrastructure & Transport, and Trade. A more limited set of articles is available on Lexis and Bloomberg Law

Practical Law on WestlawGlobal guides by Country or Practice Area include Capital Markets; Finance & Financial Regulation, and Environment. Content includes Country Q&A, Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Legal Updates, and Articles.

World Bank Doing Business Law Library: Reports with citations and links to business laws (official languages or English translations) by country, including Civil Codes and laws on banking and credit, construction, and land and building.   The World Bank’s Doing Business reports include basic information and tables on topics for businesses including access to finance, entrepreneurship, and reducing administrative burdens.

Research guides and links to specific countries and regions

Foreign Law Guide (subscription database): Entries by jurisdiction include legal history and descriptions of the country’s government and legal institutions, as well as sources for legal research. Find statutes listed by subject with citations, sometimes with links or with English translation sources. Subject headings include Construction, Development, Planning & Property; Banks & Financial Institutions; Corruption; Economic Legislation & Privatization; Foreign Investments; International & Non-Governmental Organizations; and Taxation. 

Globalex Foreign Law Research Guides: Detailed research guides by individual country, written by experts in the law of those countries. Include descriptions of the legal system and to legal resources, with links. Globalex's International Law research guides include Sustainable Development Law, WTO/GATT, and the United Nations. 

Law Library of Congress Guide to Law Online: The guide for each country is arranged by branch of government and includes links to legislatures, gazettes, codes, courts, and ministries, as well as to legal research guides and background information sources for each country. (New site, so the country list is still in progress.)

Northwestern Libraries: List of Foreign Governments. Research guide with links to foreign government sites, including parliaments and legislatures, and ministries of finance, commerce, trade, economic development, and national banks. 

Bluebook Rules 20 and 21 and T2 are on citations to foreign and international law. The T2 tables on foreign jurisdictions are available free on the Electronic Bluebook. Entries for each country include links to internet sources for official legal publications.


Statutes and Primary Sources

Global-Regulation: Searchable database of statutes and regulations from the United States and 102 countries, with a machine-translation feature. Category filters with the Advanced Search include Business and Finance.

vLex: Primary resources, including Official Gazettes and jurisprudence, for countries in Latin America and Europe. Includes secondary sources such as law journals and newspapers for some countries. Includes a machine translation feature. Subscription database - set up an individual account, and go to All Jurisdictions to find the global resources.

SCC Online: Database of Indian law. IP-authenticated, but requires registration with an Emory email address. Includes the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Court, tribunals and commissions, and statutes. Also includes law from other south Asian countries and from some African countries.

 FAOLEX (UN Food and Agriculture Organization): Laws and regulations on food and agriculture, including laws on agricultural and rural development, land and soil, and mineral resources and energy.

AfricanLII: African caselaw, statutes, and Official Gazettes, including some regional courts and commissions.

Droit Afrique: Business and taxation law from Francophone African countries.

WorldLII: Databases of caselaw and statutes from 14 Legal Information Institutes. 

Hein Online's World Constitutions Illustrated (subscription database): Current and previous constitutions, in official languages and English translations. The World Constitutions Library includes constitutional histories and commentaries in treatises, law review articles (in the Hein Online Law Journals Library), and country studies.