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HIST488 Professions in American History

How do I find trade publications?

Guide to Professional and Trade Literature at Emory Libraries

This is a guide to locating professional and trade literature from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It is divided into two sections, Databases and Indexes.


American Periodical Series Online, (1741-1940)

This database contains a large collection of early professional and trade journals.

  • Click on the “Publications” link above the search box.
  • Select "Trade Journals" to the left of the page. 
  • Narrow by “publication subject” to browse journal titles.
  • Once you identify a useful title, look for clickable subjects such as Banks and Banking


How to find trade and professional association publications, late 19th and early 20th century:

1. Consult Associations Unlimited and Individual Association Websites

Associations Unlimited is an Emory database that provides information--year founded, society publications, society URL, etc.--on professional associations in all fields. Search for key words, business, botany, law and narrow from there.

2. Follow links to society websites for past runs of newsletters and general information on their founding.

A search for the American Historical Association leads researchers to the AHA website, which hosts the society's entire run of of presidenital addresses (1898 to the present). Other professional societies like the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology founded in 1912 celebrated their centennial and published literature on the history of member associations online.

3. Search for society publications that you have discovered in discoverE or ejournals to see if we have them at Emory. If not, expand your search to other libraries using Worldcat.