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HIST488 Professions in American History

What if I want to conduct research using Emory's archives?

Emory University Archives

If you decide to use material from th Rose Library or the Emory University Archives you must meet with librarian, Erica Bruchko ( or Emory University archivist, John Bence (

1. First start with published institutional histories to identify key dates, names and events.

Bullock, Henry M. A History of Emory University (1936).
Cuttino, George Peddy. Dooley's Book: a guide to the Emory University Campus (1986).
English, Thomas H. Emory University, 1915-1965: A Semicentennial History (1966), Republished (1987).
Hauk, Gary S. A Legacy of Heart and Mind: Emory Since 1836 (1999).
Moon, Joseph C. An Uncommon Place: Oxford College of Emory University, 1914-2000 (2003).

2. Then consult printed and digital primary sources such as:

College Bulletins (XE2 .A2) and Catalogs (XE2 .A3) These official publications from the College include course listings and other information for students of Emory University, its Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of LawSchool of MedicineNell Hodgson Woodruff School of NursingRollins School of Public HealthGoizueta Business SchoolCandler School of Theology, and various former schools and divisions. This is often where MARBL's research services staff goes to look up faculty and departmental histories. You should start here before moving on to individual department records (see below). Everything in these is presented plainly, so this will be an easy resource to go through for information.

You can also consult digital publication such as (1) Emory Wheeand other local newspapers such as The Atlanta Constitution (2) Emory Yearbooks and (3) the publications of professional schools.

3. Explore manuscript materials from departments and key individuals within the profession such as:

Department of Biology records, 1930-2004. 

Department of Geology records, 1920-1980. 

Division of Librarianship records, 1928-1986. 

Department of African American Studies records, 1970-2003. 

For more information contact Librarian for United States History and African American Studies Erica Bruchko (