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HIST488 Professions in American History

What are reference works?

Reference works:


  • Provide an overview of your topic
  • Are often written by scholars or experts in the field
  • Provide key people, places, events, and terms that you can use to refine your searches
  • Often offer suggestions for further reading

Encyclopedias & Biographical Databases

The databases below contain overviews of topics related to your research.

Handbooks & Companions

To find companions, handbooks, or bibliographies related to American history, you can search the library catalog; however, individual articles can be hard to find. Also try searching the portals to these resources below.

Oxford Bibliographies, annotated bibliographies that provide a gateway to research in particular subfields of Native American Studies.

Cambridge Companions, guides to various African American studies literature topics.

Rutledge Handbooks, book-length companions to various topics.

Oxford Handbooks, reviews of scholarly literature.

Annual Reviews Online, reviews of scholarly literature in the sciences and social sciences.