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AAS490: Senior Seminar on American Human Rights Policy / Anderson


Welcome to your senior seminar course page! This guide points you to resources to assist you with writing your op-eds.

It also aims to answer the following questions: How do I conduct op-ed research? Where do I find reputable sources to support my arguments?

Use the tabs to the left as a starting point to find these and other relevant resources. And remember, if you have any questions about sources, don't hesitate to contact Erica

Universal Declaration of Human Rights & CERD


Get Help with Research at the Libraries

The Emory Libraries provide a number of ways for your to get help with your research. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a question! We can help you locate materials, structure a search, develop your topic, evaluate materials, manage citations, and more.

Contact a Subject Librarian - our librarians specialize in different subjects and topic areas and can help with different aspects of the research process.

All librarians offer consultations on Zoom or can connect with you over email. On our Subject Librarian directory page, you will see a "Schedule a Consultation" link for each individual. You can click that to see their calendar and schedule a Zoom appointment with them at a convenient time.

Ask a Librarian - if you aren't sure who to contact directly, or you have a more general question, use our form on our Ask a Librarian page to get help.

Writing Center - if you need help with any aspect of the writing process, get in touch with the Emory Writing Center, who are also doing virtual appointments this summer.

ECDS - you can set up a consultation with ECDS to get help with a variety of digital projects, including working with data, digital humanities projects, online exhibits, or websites.

And if you are unsure who to ask or how to get help, you can always contact Erica Bruchko directly.