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Library Orientation for Nursing

This information was developed for nurses conducting research via the Emory Libraries

About Embase

Embase is a database containing citations about biomedical research, medical devices, drug development, and pharmacovigilance.  There is overlap between PubMed and Embase, but Embase has substantial, unique coverage. Embase includes conference abstracts from biomedical, drug and medical device conferences dating back to 2009. Embase has over 37 million records and content from ~8,100 journals.

Emory Libraries subscribes directly through but Embase is also available on the Ovid platform.

When to use Embase:

  • You need deeper international coverage.
  • You want to see "gray" literature, like conference proceedings/abstracts, in addition to scholarly articles.
  • You're doing a pharmaceutical or drug delivery search.
  • To conduct comprehensive systematic reviews.
  • Want more foreign language options.