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#SciFinder (Chemistry)

Basic Information

Expedited Article Delivery is a new library service for faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students that provides near-immediate access (24/7) to articles from electronic journals to which the Emory Libraries no longer subscribe. At this time, articles published in discontinued Wiley journals from 2024 onward are eligible for this expedited service. This expedited service is provided by Reprints Desk and Article Galaxy Scholar at a cost to the libraries of $30 per article. Users of the service, however, will NOT be charged a fee.

Expedited Article Delivery FAQs

Example Workflow from SciFinder

1. An entry on the SciFinder results page looks like the one below when the LibKey Nomad browser extension is enabled:

An entry on the SciFinder results page


2. Clicking on the LibKey Nomad "Access Options" button or the "Find It @ Emory" link directs you to the following Emory Libraries catalog entry:

Emory Libraries catalog entry requiring sign-in


3. For faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students, signing in with your Emory network ID and password will provide links to InterLibrary Loan and the new Expedited Article Delivery service:

Emory Libraries catalog entry after signing-in


4. Clicking on the "Request Expedited Article Delivery" link will take you to the last page in this process:

Article Galaxy Scholar landing page where you can request the article pdf.


5. After double-checking the article information and your email address, click on the "Request PDF" button. You should receive an email within minutes from Reprints Desk Customer Support []. Article links are valid for 30 days and 3 attempts, so download the pdf as soon as you access the article.