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#SciFinder (Chemistry)

SciFinder-n Login

You need to authenticate as an Emory user BEFORE logging into SciFindern.

Either of the following links will initiate the Emory authentication process:

SciFinder-n Registration

Click here to register a new SciFindern account at Emory.

All new users or users new to Emory are required to complete a one-time registration by creating a username and password. The username and password are requested each time you access SciFindern.

SciFindern is restricted to Emory faculty, staff and students. There is no access available for non-Emory affiliates on any library computer.

SciFinder-n Training

Troubleshooting SciFinder-n

  1. You get the following error message: "Access to SciFindern is not authorized from this IP address, [your IP address]."
    If you receive this message, it means your need to authenticate as an Emory user before logging in to SciFindern. Try using this link:
  2. If you authenticated as an Emory user and you still received an error message, you may need to clear your cookies/cache. So that you don’t have to clear important data, there are some instructions here. You can always try to login in using an incognito/private browser window before clearing your cookies/cache.
  3. Make sure you are using SciFinder's recommended web browser technology: SciFinder System Recommendations and Requirements.
  4. If you have problems with your account that cannot be resolved by resetting your password, please contact the Chemistry Librarian, Chris Doty --

SciFinder-n Contents & Statistics

References – CAplus
Chemical Substances – CAS REGISTRY
Reactions – CASREACT
Chemical Suppliers – CHEMCATS
Regulated Chemicals – CHEMLIST
Chemical Industry Notes – CIN
Markush (patent structures) – MARPAT