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SciFinder-n Login

As of April 12th, you will need to authenticate as an Emory user BEFORE logging into SciFinder^n.

Either of the following links will initiate the Emory authentication process:

SciFinder-n Training from CAS

SciFinder-n Registration

Click here to register a new SciFinder account at Emory.

All new users or users new to Emory are required to complete a one-time registration by creating a username and password.  The username and password are requested each time you access SciFinder.

SciFinder is restricted to Emory faculty, staff and students.  There is no access available for non-Emory affiliates on any library computer.

SciFinder Training Materials

"On-demand SciFinder® training resources are short, targeted materials, organized by search type." 

Topics include structure searching, reaction searching, reference searching, polymer searching, and patent searching.

SciFinder System Recommendations & Requirements

To ensure the best searching results using SciFinder, check the OS/browser recommendations for Windows-based PCs and Apple MacOS X at the link below. The recommended hardware and software configurations should result in good performance.

SciFinder Contents & Statistics

References – CAplus
Chemical Substances – CAS REGISTRY
Reactions – CASREACT
Chemical Suppliers – CHEMCATS
Regulated Chemicals – CHEMLIST
Chemical Industry Notes – CIN
Markush (patent structures) – MARPAT

SciFinder Mobile

If you are on a smartphone, access SciFinder at

SciFinder Mobile allows you to quickly find references to published research via research topic, substance ID, or author or company name; obtain substance information, including nomenclature, molecular formula, and properties; and review saved answer sets or Keep Me Posted Alerts.

For additional information on SciFinder Mobile go to

If you are searching SciFinder using a tablet device, you will need to search the full version of SciFinder by going to

Troubleshooting SciFinder Problems

  1. Login Failed: SciFinder is not authorized for use from this IP address.  
    If you receive this message, it means your computer's IP address has not been authenticated as an Emory IP.
    Try to log in using this link:
  2. Structure Editor slow?  The SciFinder structure/reaction editor can be slow to load in your web browser especially if it is the first time it has opened during a session. You may also be prompted to accept a certificate or ActiveX plug-in.  A Java plug-in is also required for the editor; although, it generally is already installed.
  3. Make sure you are using a supported operating system and web browser and have installed plug-ins.  To review the recommendations, see the SciFinder System Recommendations and Requirements. 
  4. If you have problems with your account that cannot be resolved by resetting your password, you must contact CAS directly: 800-848-6538 or The library does not have access to user accounts.    

Please contact the Chemistry Librarian -- Chris Doty [ ] -- for ongoing access problems.