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Economics Guide

This guide is meant to assist students in accessing and gathering bibliographic resources to support their Honors projects. For data resources, check out the Data Resources for Economists guide.

Major Reference Resources in Economics

  • Oxford Handbooks
    • Browse by Economics or just run a search. Note that you can limit by access that Emory has. In cases where we do not, check discoverE, and request needed chapters. Be sure to copy and paste articles into Google Scholar, Scopus or Web of Science to locate citations, full text, and related articles.
  • Routledge Handbooks (search portal for specific titles, or discoverE)
    • Great resource for building initial literature reviews, identifying important figures in the literature, and engaging with major theories in Economics, Finance and related fields. Emory has a subscription to all the Handbooks.
  • Handbooks of Economics (Elsevier)
    • Very popular series in Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting, etc. Easy to search across all the Handbooks. Also in discoverE.
  • Annual Reviews of Economics AND Annual Reviews of Financial Economics
    • Covers significant developments in the field of economics, including macroeconomics and money; microeconomics, including economic psychology; international economics; public finance; health economics; education; economic growth and technological change; economic development; social economics, including culture, institutions, social interaction, and networks; game theory, political economy, and social choice; and more..  Note that the HTML versions is good for tracing and linking to citations, but does not have needed page numbers.