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Economics 410W Topics in Macroeconomics (Spring 2022): Fiscal Policy

Research guide for Econ 410W, with a focus on macroeconomic theory, fiscal policy and the labor market. The guide serves to familiarize the student with both relevant bibliographic and data resources that are essential to the completion of their research

Oxford Handbooks, Routledge Handbooks, and Handbooks in Economics Series


Utilize the extensive bibliographies in the Handbooks to located related articles (cut and paste articles in Google Scholar, or search in discoverE for books)!

Annual Reviews in Economics

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Other Recommended Reviews

Elgar Research Reviews 

Elgar Research Reviews offer an authoritative summary of the seminal works that have established a field of research. World renowned experts research and select the most important readings in their field, and provide a detailed essay outlining the evolution of these disciplines. We take this content and make it fully searchable with smart linking to locate resources in your library, on publisher platforms, repositories, open web, and Google books. Use the FindIt@Emory button after each of the articles to locate the actual article here at Emory.