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Digitization and Digital Curation

Digitization Requests

NOTE:  We ONLY digitize EMORY OWNED MATERIALS at this time

  • Large projects:  If your project requires that a sizeable number of library resources be digitized ( > 50 or so items), submit a proposal to the Digital Collections Development Committee.
  • Rose Library resources: Rose handles short-term requests to have documents and images in their collections digitized
  • Small projects: for requests to have < 50 non-MARBL resources digitized please use our request form (below)
  • Preservation reformatting for individual items to manage deteriorating materials, and assist in metadata creation, (such as AV tapes) can use the expedited form below, which will be reviewed by the Scholarly Communication Office. Large or distinct collections (>50 items) should be considered as a larger DCSC proposal, even if just for preservation purposes.