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Digitization and Digital Curation: Audiovisual Digitization

Audiovisual Services

Overview:  Audiovisual media are particularly at risk of being lost without appropriate intervention, since not only do the material substrates deteriorate over time, but as formats become obsolete, appropriate playback equipment in working order become harder to obtain and maintain.  We provide digital reformatting and physical conservation services for Emory's collections in the following AV formats:

Moving Image Audio
VHS Cassette
S-VHS Open Reel
Betacam SP DAT
U-matic Phonograph
DVCAM Microcassette
Mini DV CD

*Film reformatting is outsourced and typically grant funded

Digital Reformatting:  Archival quality 4:2:2 Quicktime movies, as well as compressed MPEG-4 use copies

Audio Reformatting:  Archival quality 96 KHz / 24 bit WAVE files, as well as compressed MP3 use copies

Conservation: We perform various repairs of physical damage preventing playback and work to arrest further deterioriation of original media

Audiovisual Equipment

Audio Reformatting Lab (2 Stations)

Video Reformatting Lab (2 Stations) 

Digital 8 / Video 8 / Hi 8 Sony GV-D200
DVCam / HDV Sony HVR-M15AU
VHS (NTSC) Panasonic AG-2580
VHS (PAL/SECAM) Panasonic AG-W1; Samsung SU-5000W
Laserdisc Pioneer DVL-919
U-matic Sony VP-7000; VP-7020; VO-7600
Betacam SP Sony UVW-1400A
Digital Beta; Betacam SP/SX Sony J-3
DV Converter Canopus ADVC-700; ADVC-300
Selector Switch Shinybow

Video Reformatting Station

Video Reformatting

Audio Reformatting Station

Audio Reformatting