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LAW 837 - Animal Law (Prof. Satz, Fall 2022)

Secondary Sources

Use these sources to find background information and analysis related to your topic, as well as citations which will lead you to additional relevant sources. 

HeinOnline Animal Studies: Law, Welfare, and Rights: Consists of more than 650 titles and nearly 300,000 pages of material related to the background and evolution of the basic rights of animals. The collection aims to establish the foundational laws pertaining to animals and follow the evolution of these rights throughout the years. It includes everything from philosophical books published in the 1800s to videos, periodicals, and brochures all related to animal law. It also includes numerous publications from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Animal Welfare Institute.

Web Resources:

Emory Library Collections: Search using discoverE for books (and book chapters) on or related to your topic.  Some potential search terms include: ability, abuse, aquarium, “animal welfare”, disability, discrimination, circus, cockfighting, companion, cosmetics, cruelty, custody, “endangered species”, environment, equine, exotic, experimentation, “factory farm”, fighting, hoarding, horses, hunting, laboratory, livestock, “marine mammals”, “medical research”, military, neglect, police, property, “public health”, “puppy mill”, rights, “service animal”, slaughter, standing, “pet trust”, vegan, vegetarian, veterinarian, zoo

Introductory Texts on Animal Law:

  • Waisman, Sonia, Animal Law in a Nutshell (2021), Law Library Study Aids, Service Desk 2nd Floor (KF390.5 .A5 F73 2021).
  • Adam Karp, Understanding Animal Law (2016), Law Library Study Aids, Service Desk 2nd Floor (KF390.5 .A5 F37 2016).
  • Joan Schaffner, An Introduction to Animals and the Law (2011), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .S333 2011). 
  • Paul Waldau, Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know (2010), Woodruff Library Book Stacks (HV4708 .W35 2010).

Treatises and other Books on Animal Law:

  • Irus Braverman editor, Animals, Biopolitics, Law: Lively Legalities (2016), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .A963 2016). 
  • Deborah Cao and Steven White editors, Animal Law and Welfare: International Perspectives (2016), Law Library Book Stacks,3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .A96 2016).
  • Steven Tauber, Navigating the Jungle: Law, Politics and the Animal Advocacy Movement (2016), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .T38 2016).
  • Tadlock Cowan, The Animal Welfare Act: Background and Selected Animal Welfare Legislation (2016), CRS report, full text available at: HeinOnline (Law Library)
  • Susan Hunter and Richard Brisbin, Pet Politics: Political and Legal Lives of Cats, Dogs and Horses in Canada and the United States (2016), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K564.A55 H86 2016). 
  • Randall Abate editor, What can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law? (2020), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .W43 2020). 
  • Deborah Cao, Animals in China: Law and Society (2015), Law Library Book Stacks, 4th Floor (KNQ3123 .C36 2015).  
  • David Favre, Animal Law: Welfare, Interests, and Rights (2014), Law Library Book Stacks,3rd and 4th Floor (KF390.5 .A5 F382 2014). 
  • Abigail Perdue and Randall Lockwood, Animal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide (2014), Woodruff Library Book Stacks (KF3841 .P47 2014).
  • John McEldowney et al., The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare: Science, Law and Policy (2013), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (KD3420 .M34 2013). 
  • Angus Nurse, Animal Harm: Perspectives on Why People Harm and Kill Animals (2013), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .N87 2013).
  • Peter Fitzgerald, International Issues in Animal Law: The Impact of International Environmental and Economic Law Upon Animal Interests and Advocacy (2012), Law Library Book Stacks,3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .F58 2012). 
  • Thomas Kelch, Globalization and Animal Law: Comparative Law, International Law and International Trade (2011), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .K45 2011).
  • Bruce Wagman and Matthew Liebman, A Worldview of Animal Law (2011). Law Library Book Stacks,3rd and 4th Floor (K3620 .W34 2011)
  • Dennis Carlton, Animal Protection: Treatment and Welfare Issues (2010), Law Library Book Stacks,3rd and 4th Floor (KF3841 .A96 2010).
  • Piers Beirne, Confronting Animal Abuse: Law, Criminology, and Human-Animal Relationships (2009), Woodruff Library Book Stacks (K3620 .L39 2009).
  • Martha Nussbaum, Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership (2006), Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor (HM671 .N87 2006)..

Working Papers: Search SSRN/LSN, which publishes email abstracting journals for working papers and articles accepted for publication.

Law Review Articles (sources include some book reviews): Search law reviews and journals databases on Westlaw, Lexis, and Hein.

Animal Law Reviews and Journals:

Journal Articles from Other Disciplines: Search using Databases@Emory

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