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Topics in International Law: International Humanitarian Law

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Treaties, Statutes, Case Law and Documents

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) International Humanitarian Law Treaties and Documents: Find treaties and documents by topic, date or country. Text of the 1949 Geneva conventions and protocols with member state information.

International Humanitarian Law National Implementation database: National caselaw and implementing laws and regulations.

ICRC Resource Centre: Search publications or find by issue or category.  The database includes reports, articles, guides, and annual reports.

ICRC Customary International Humanitarian Law: Analysis of the customary rules of international humanitarian law. Customary practice rules by chapter, rule, or country, with summaries of state practice from legislation, caselaw, and official statements.

Amnesty International: The library tab includes reports, news, and surveys of legislation by country. The Universal jurisdiction survey includes citations to national statutes on war crimes and genocide, plus treaties ratified. Advanced search is available by country, issue, language, and keywords.

UNHCR Refworld: Reports and policy documents from the UN, governmental organizations, NGOs, and academic institutions on human rights and humanitarian law topics. Refworld includes national caselaw and legislation related to refugees and asylum, and country profiles and reports. Search, or browse by country, author organization, or topic.

Secondary Sources and Current Awareness

Global Legal Monitor: Browse by topic or search to find articles on developments in foreign and international law. Articles are in English and include links to primary and news sources referenced.

International Law Blogs for International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law:

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law: Detailed articles on topics in international law, with links and citations to documents, bibliographies, document lists.

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law: Full-text treatises on international law from Oxford University Press. Links to other Oxford Public International Law databases, with citation information.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Human Rights in the Oxford Reference Library. Entries on treaties, countries, individuals, organizations, and events, with citations and bibliographies.

Research Guides and Bibliographies

Peace Palace Library: Research guides, including on International Humanitarian Law, include bibliographies, suggested database entries, blog posts, and research guide links.  The library’s Catalogue of Publications includes book titles, journal articles (with citations and sometimes links), and publications available online.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Library's International Humanitarian Law Bibliography: Compiles references in new publications by topic (protection of persons, weapons, international criminal law) and include links to full-text articles and reports.

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: International Humanitarian Law: Includes primary and historical sources, institutions, Geneva and Hague law, and  secondary sources with links.

Society of Professional Journalists' Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions: Alphabetical index with links to convention articles and resource links.

Case Western Law Cox International Law Center: War Crimes Research Portal: Memoranda and bibliographies on war crimes topics, with articles, documents, books and a research guide on war crimes law.

Library of Congress:  Military Legal Resources: Military law resources, including documents on the Geneva Conventions, military law monographs, war crimes trials materials, and the Manual for Courts-Martial

Emory Woodruff Library Libguide: War Crimes & Genocide: Databases, resources, and books available at Emory

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