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Topics in International Law

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What is Private International Law?

Private International Law can includes areas of law such as trade and business, family law, wills and estates, and international judicial assistance. Some of the primary resources in this area include conflict of laws sources, national law sources, and multilateral private international law treaties.

Starting points for Private International Law research include:

State Department Private International Law: Find Hague conventions and other treaties on family law, judicial assistance, commercial law, and other private international law issues.

Travel. State.Gov: Information on citizenship, family issues, judicial assistance including service of process.  The State Department also has for the Hague convention, tables on procedures for Convention and non-Convention countries, individual country adoption processes.

Hague Conference on Private International Law: Hague Conventions on the international protection of children, family, and property relations; international legal cooperation and litigation; international commercial and finance law; choice of law. Includes the conventions in html and pdf with status tables, related documents on operations, translations, caselaw citations, and bibliographies.  Member states are listed with national judicial organs, and conventions ratified or signed.

UNIDROIT: The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, instruments and publications

EISIL: Private international law treaties and web resources

European e-Justice Portal: EU and member state law on jurisdiction, enforcement of judgments, mediation, wills, registers

Peace Palace Library: Research Guide and Bibliography

Trans-Lex: Civil and commercial codes and treaties, principles and model laws on contracts, arbitration and mediation rules, links to guides and commercial law websites

Lex Treaties and resource links on international trade law, private international commercial law, commercial arbitration, international tax, maritime law, and international intellectual property law