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Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy Resources

Resources for Doctorate of Physical Therapy and PM&R Faculty and Students


This guide highlights some key resources for rehabilitation medicine, some specific to rehabilitation medicine and physical therapy.  If you need any assistance with a resource or need help with a literature search, please contact Mia S. White at:

Rehabilitation Medicine Specific Resources

AccessPhysiotherapy: is a resources that provides information and multimedia resources on the study, instruction, and practice of physical therapy. Provides access to videos, self-learning, and leading physical therapy eBooks.One particular component of note is the Anatomy and Physiology Revealed.  Anatomy and Physiology revealed provides an  "interactive cadaver dissection experience."  You can view various layers of the human body all the way down to the skeleton, view 3D models of various parts of the body, watch videos related to the areas of study, look at histology associated with the body section and more.


The F.A. Davis PT Collectionserves as a complementary companion to AccessPhysiotherapy.  It provides additional eBooks, and resources only available on this resource.

Anatomy, H&P, & Videos


Below are some of the eBooks found on AccessPhysiotherapy and in the F.A. Davis PT Collection, unless indicated.

You can access additional eBooks using discoverE (University Libraries' catalog).

In addition to the unique eBooks found in both AccessPhysiotherapy and the F.A. Davis PT Collection, the WHSC Library provides access to thousands of core medical eBooks through the following collections

Use the University Libraries' catalog Library Search to locate more eBooks.




Below are key databases for health sciences and physical therapy:

View the Health Sciences A-Z Database list or the entire Emory University A-Z Database list.