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Data Resources for Sociology and Sociologists

Major Data Archives

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
The ICPSR is one of the largest collections of quantitative data in the world. The archives contents cover a very wide range of topics, with household surveys, health conditions and health care, and public opinion being particularly strong points in the collection. Emory's local ICPSR representatives are Ms. Jennifer Doty and Dr. Robert O'Reilly. The ICPSR is also available via Databases at Emory. If you need to access the ICPSR and its data from off of campus, please see this notice and these instructions from the ICPSR.

Carolina Population Center (CPC)
UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Population Center hosts multiple research projects related to the themes of demographics, population health, and reproductive health, in both the United States and elsewhere. See for a full list of the CPC's projects. Public-use data from CPC projects are available via the Center's Dataverse, and you can also request access to restricted versions of data from CPC projects. The Center also provides a compilation of publications from its research and multiple tools for the collection and analysis of survey data.

Harvard Dataverse Network (DVN)
Harvard's Dataverse Network is an eclectic collection of datasets and data collections, including replication datasets for articles on topics such as political competitiveness in post-war Latin America or the effect of IMF programs on government spending, ongoing research projects on topics such as manifestos of regional political parties and ideology scores of state legislators and perceptions of electoral integrity, organizations such as development NGOs, groups such as networks of economists at different universities, and replication archives for academic journals.

World Bank Data Catalog
As part of its Open Data Initative, the World Bank has opened up access to dozens of its data collections and compiled into a single data catalog. The holdings here range from larger databases covering multiple topics to more narrowly-focused collections associated with particular research projects.

Data Planet
Data Planet is an aggregator of data and statistical information from domestic and international sources, both public and private. It provides access to data on topics such as crime, economics and finance, the environment, health, housing, and population demographics. You can download tables into spreadsheet-friendly formats, although downloading large amounts of data is not always a ready option. Data Planet is also available via Databases at Emory.

"More and Beyond, and Fun!"
UVa's Research Data Services and Sciences has compiled a list of off-beat data collections with a pop-culture focus.

Selected Data Resources for International Development
A compilation of development data and indicators, at both the macro- and micro- levels, covering topics such as demographics and maternal health and macroeconomic data.