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LAW 676C - International Humanitarian Law Clinic (Prof. Blank, Spring 2022)

Military Manuals and Deskbooks

Library of Congress: Military Legal ResourcesLinks to U.S. military law resources, including Manuals for Courts Martial, the Law of Armed Conflict Deskbook, U.S. Army Field Manuals, and collections of historical war crimes materials. Military law manuals can be found at:

Department of Defense Law of War Manual 2015: Updated December 2016. Manual with information for personnel executing military operations, including when the law of war applies and rules on the conduct of hostilities. Includes extensive citations to treaties, secondary sources, and official documents. Also at KZ3685 .U553 2015 and on Hein Online

The Commander's Handbook on the Law of Land Warfare 2019Field manual with guidance to Army and Marine Corps commanders on the doctrine and practice of customary and treaty law applicable to the conduct of warfare on land.

NATO Legal Deskbook (2010 2d edition): Introduction to NATO legal documents, international law, and law of armed conflict for NATO legal advisers

United States National Security and Counterterrorism

Digital National Security Archive (subscription database): Declassified historical government documents on U.S. national security policy, including chronologies and bibliographies. 

U.S. State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism: Country Reports on Terrorism, Fact Sheets, information on programs and initiatives

Office of Foreign Assets Control Sanctions Programs and Information (US Department of the Treasury): Economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and other threats to national security

CRS Reports for Congress on international law and U.S. foreign policy:

Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law (also on Hein Online): Annual State Department publication on U.S. practice in international law, with summaries, text of documents, and links to documents.  Chapters generally have the same subject arrangement each year. For example, Chapter 17 is on international conflict resolution and avoidance, and chapter 18 is on use of force.

Foreign Relations of the United States (also on Hein Online): Historical record of U.S. foreign policy. Volumes by administration and issue, with documents 1861-1988. Search by keyword, section, date, or search or browse heading within volumes.

United Nations

United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee: Conventions and legal instruments related to counter-terrorism, Security Council Resolutions on counter-terrorism and surveys of implementation, and policy guidance on human rights.

Security Council Resolutions: Tables of resolutions arranged by year and number, with topic headings, usually states and regions with armed conflicts. Volumes of resolutions and decisions are under Security Council Documents. The Repertoire of Practice of the Security Council analyzes the work the Security Council by UN Charter Article, with citations to Resolutions and Documents.

The Security Council Report, a private publication on the Security Council, has news, forecasts, and key resolutions and documents on Security Council actions arranged by country and region or by theme.

Secondary Sources

U.S. Naval War College International Law Studies: Journal with articles on International Humanitarian Law, National Security, and the Law of Armed Conflict

Search Emory Libraries Search under the subject headings Terrorism-Prevention-Law and Legislation, Terrorism (International Law), Foreign Policy, and National Security. Titles include: