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LAW 676C - International Humanitarian Law Clinic (Prof. Blank, Spring 2022)

Treaties and Conventions

ICRC Geneva Conventions of 1949 with Additional Protocols and Commentaries: Includes the Geneva Conventions, commentaries, full-text of reservations, implementation data, and tables of parties to treaties.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) International Humanitarian Law Treaties and Documents: Find treaties and documents by topic, date or country. Text of the 1949 Geneva conventions and protocols with member state information, as well as other treaties and agreements related to international humanitarian law.

Hein Online United Nations Treaty Search. Includes the UN Treaty Series and League of Nations Treaty Series. Find treaties by citation, or search by countries, popular names, date, text, subject areas. Links from the treaty document entries (through Scholar Check) to law review articles in Hein citing the treaty.

Hein Online United States Treaties and Agreements.  Includes US. Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST), Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS), International Legal Materials (ILM), and Senate Treaty Documents. Search by treaty number or citation, country, date, related treaty, subject, or keyword. 

UN Treaties Collection: Text and status of United Nations treaties. Includes the UNTS, recently deposited treaties, and status of treaties. Multilateral and bilateral treaties are deposited with the UN Secretary-General, including but not limited to UN treaties. Search for treaties in the UN Treaty Series database, or use Status of Multilateral Treaties to find UN multilateral treaties by category including human rights, refugees, and penal matters.


International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law (Law of Armed Conflict) Sourcebook: KZ6462 .I58 2014. A collection of primary documents on international humanitarian law.

International Humanitarian Law: Answers to Your QuestionsAn introduction to international humanitarian law from the International Committee of the Red Cross

How Does Law Protect in War?: Online casebook from the ICRC, with introductions to the themes of IHL, practice case studies by topic, region, and document type, IHL courses, and an A to Z annotated glossary with links to documents and cases.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) International Humanitarian Law Treaties and Documents: Find treaties and documents by topic, date or country. Text of the 1949 Geneva conventions and protocols with member state information.

International Humanitarian Law National Implementation database: National caselaw and laws and regulations implementing the treaties.

ICRC Resource Centre: Search publications or find by issue or category.  The database includes reports, articles, guides, and annual reports related to international humanitarian law.

ICRC Customary International Humanitarian Law: Analysis of the customary rules of international humanitarian law. Customary practice rules by chapter, rule, or country, with treaty articles, national military manuals, and summaries of state practice from legislation, caselaw, and official statements. Online version of the treatise Customary International Humanitarian Law, available at KZ6471 .C875 2005 and for download of the PDF. 

ICRC Library's International Humanitarian Law Bibliography: Compiles references in new publications by topic (protection of persons, weapons, international criminal law) and includes links to full-text articles and reports. Note that it's not cumulative; check all recent issues for new publications on your topic.

UNOCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs): Reports and publications including a Global Humanitarian Overview and thematic publications; themes include refugees, protection of civilians, and IHL.  News in the Media Centre is available by country, region, or theme. 

UNHCR Data (UN Refugee Agency): Data publications on refugees, including the Statistical Yearbook, Global Trends, and a Global Report on major refugee operations. UNHCR also has a Refugee Population Statistics Database. 

Customary International Law

According to the Restatement of the Law Third, Foreign Relations of the United States, Sec. 102(2) (1987), customary international law results from a general and consistent practice of states followed by them from a sense of legal obligation."  Evidence of customary rules of international law may be found in treaties, national law, international and national jurisprudence, and scholarly writings. Other sources include the practices of individual states and widely ratified treaties as evidence of the customs and practices of states.

Resources for Customary International Law include: 

  • ICRC Customary International Humanitarian Law database has the rules of customary international humanitarian law, and national practice for the rules of customary international humanitarian law. With each rule find a summary of the rule and discussion with citations to treaties, cases, and military manuals.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross, Customary International Humanitarian Law, KZ6471 .C875 2005 and Cambridge Online
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law: Articles on international law topics include statements on and history of IHL, including customary law.
  • Restatement of the Law, Third, Foreign Relations Law of the United States discusses US practice and policy on foreign relations law and includes statements on customary international law. Also Restatement of the Law, Fourth, Foreign Relations Law of the United States, specific volumes on treaties, sovereign immunity, and jurisdiction. Available in the MacMillan Law Library and online through Hein Online ALI LibraryWestlaw, and Lexis.
  • Sources of State Practice in International Law, 2d ed, KZ 64 .S67 2014. Chapters by country describing treaty practice and listing treaty collections and sources, as well as sources of diplomatic records.
  • Treatises and journal articles on international law include citable statements of custom and practice, especially international law classics and noted authors: