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RLAR 737 - Topics in Asian Religions / Puranas

Resources for the study of the Puranas.

Using the search feature for the Tübingen Purana-Project

While this database builds substantially on the Epic and Puranic Bibliography (up to 1985) annotated and with the indexes (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1992), searching the database presents some challenges. Make sure that you search a variety of spellings for South Asian titles (including searching compounded and uncompounded forms with diacritics) and play around with the search fields of title, author, keyword, etc. 

For example, a search for "bhagavata purana," yields the following entries, which can be downloaded for offline reference:


However, a search for "bhagavatapurana," yields only a single entry. As such, searching for variations on titles in South Asian languages (including compounded and uncompounded with diacritics, e.g. "bhāgavatapurāṇa" and "bhāgavata purāṇa") is the best approach for this database.


Similarly, the database can appear as incomplete. For example, a search for Dr. Greg Bailey's work on the Puranas ("bailey" as an author search), yields the following entries. Notably absent from the list is his translation of the Ganesapurana (Part 1, 1995; Part 2, 2008).


However, an accidental search for "bailey" in the title field, yields the entry for the Ganesapurana, while searching for "ganesapurana" or "ganesa purana" in the title field does not yeild any results. Another way to find his translation is to search "gaṇeśa purāṇa" or "gaṇeśapurāṇa" in the title field.