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Environmental Honors & Independent Research Guide

Managing & Sharing your Data

1. Make a plan for organizing your field, lab, or survey research. 

2. Learn file naming and organizing tips to organize your spreadsheets and data files. 

3. Protect your data and files. You don't want to take the risk of your weeks, months, or even years of data lost. 

4.To publish your dataset, learn how Emory Libraries can help you. 

To learn more or ask specific questions, contact the Scholarly Communications Office for an appointment. 

Tips for Selecting a Journal

When selecting a journal to publish in you have a lot to consider. Cost, time frame to publication, audience, article type, etc. 

To evaluate if a smaller or newer journal is reputable, here are tips to consider:

1. Learn the warning signs of a bad journal, then read: Prey tell, what makes a publisher predatory article.

2. Ask a librarian. We have several tools to evaluate a journal. Email Kristan. 

3. Who do you want to read your article? How can readers find this journal? Is your readership a research university audience or a community that may not be able to afford a subscription? 

4. Does this journal have a ranking? Learn more about journal rankings. Rankings are not the only deciding factor as you may select a small, specialized or geographically-focused journal because it is the best option for your research and target audience. 

5. Talk with your advisor for their suggestions and advice.