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Environmental Honors & Independent Research Guide

Finding Books

Use Library Search to locate publications the Emory Libraries own on your topic.

Tips for success:

What do you type in the search box? Keep your search short and simple. Examples of good searches using AND to separate your keywords are:

  • conservation AND Kenya
  • climate AND policy
  • Georgia AND transportation

When to use books? Use books for the background or history of your topic. For instance, if you are studying the impact of Georgia laws on urban sprawl you may not find a book on this specific topic but you should find a book on policy and sprawl that will discuss known national and international problems.

For learning about research methods you want to use for your experiment, start with these library books on ecology research methods. Email Kristan if you want to learn about methods in other fields. 

Examples of Honors Theses

Examples of Emory honors theses can be found by searching "honors" at the ETD's site.

You can also see some more honors theses by department name.

  1.  honors thesis environmental studies
  2.  honors thesis environmental sciences

Or, search by author or title in ETDs.

For an older thesis that wasn't published online, search Library Search

Call Numbers (Finding Books in the Stacks)

Most of the Emory libraries use the Library of Congress classification system of letters and numbers to group materials by subject. These call numbers are listed in Library Search and marked on each book. Use our call number guide to find out which floor of the library has the book you need.