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Classical Music Research Guide

Get Physical

Emory has over 25,000 Audio CDs, 8,000 LPs, 32,000 DVDs, and 4,000 Blu-rays, many of which cannot found through online streaming. In addition, physical media contains a wealth of information about the recording often not found on the internet or streaming services.

Find physical media through Library Search and check out at the Library Search Desk on Woodruff, level 2.

Streaming Audio & Video through Emory

You can access millions of streaming audio and video tracks for free through Emory Libraries from these sources:

How to Use the Naxos App

The Naxos apps are great for streaming pieces off-line and listening on the go. There are four apps, one for each database: Naxos Music, Naxos Music Library: Jazz, Naxos Music Library: World, and Naxos Spoken Word Library. However, if you plan to use "advanced search" or read liner notes, the desktop version is recommended. 

Creating an Account 

  1. Access Naxos through the Emory library pages on a computer. 
  • Go to databases and search for Naxos. Choose the Naxos database that is most relevant to your interests.   
  1.  Create an account by going to the boxes on the left side of the screen and select “Playlists”.  

  • Once there, “Sign up” for an account at the top. Be sure to use your Emory email to login. Once you’ve created an account, you can make playlists, save music, and use the Naxos app.  

  1. Download the Naxos App of your choice on mobile 

  1. Login to the app!

  • Note: You must go through this process for each of the different Naxos databases you would like to use.  

Downloading and Adding to Playlists 

  1. Location your song or album of choice.  

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu to the side of the track 

  1. You can either add to a playlist or download for offline streaming