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Anthropology Research Guide

Book Reviews

Focus on Anthropology

  • Note:  Anthropology Plus does NOT include book reviews. However, for a few years in the early 1990s, the print version of Anthropological Literature occasionally published a supplement of book reviews. Additionally, Reviews in Anthropology (see below) is indexed in Anthropology Plus, so you may find some reviews from it in Anthropology Plus.
  • Reviews in Anthropology (available online 1997-present) is a journal devoted to lengthy, in-depth review commentary on recently published books in the four fields of anthropology. (Print issues of this journal, 1974-2003, are shelved at call number Z5111 .R4.)N.B. This journal is indexed in the Anthropology Plus database and you should be able to find some of the reviews included here by searching Anthropology Plus.
  • AnthroSource includes book reviews that were published in the journal publications of the American Antrhopological Association.  Just search for the title or author of the reviewed book.
    • JSTOR includes several major anthropology journals that include book reviews.
    • Go to the "Advanced Search" tab, under the "Limit" section click on "Review". enter your search terms and execute your search.
  • ARD Anthropology Review Database Very small database covering a few journals -- not the best place to look, but since it focuses on anthropology it may be worth checking out.  Includes approx. 3000 reviews of anthropology titles that were written by ARD contributors, published in American Antiquity, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, or a few other journals, online publication or websites.

Social Science Sources (that also include book reviews)

Note: Most databases allow you to limit your search to "reviews" or "book reviews"...

    • Go to the "Advanced Search" tab, under the "Limit" section click on "Review". enter your search terms and execute your search.
  • PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) -- focuses on public policy literature
  • Social Sciences Abstracts
    • From the "Advanced Search", under "Document Type", choose "Book Review", enter your search terms and execute your search.
  • Web of Science  -- Good resource for science and social science topics.
    • Go to "Advanced Search" tab, under the "Restrict results by... " section, choose "Book Review".  Then use the field tags to enter your search terms in the search box and execute your search.

 General Book Review Sources

  • Book Review Digest Plus

    Reviews from over 8,000 periodicals with coverage back to 1983. Indexes reviews of current fiction and non-fiction, and provides review excerpts and over 100,000 full text reviews.

  • Choice

    Provides reviews for books and electronic resources of academic interest. The electronic version goes back to 1998. A print version (Z1007.C4) goes back to 1964.

Literature Reviews

What is a literature review?  and how is it different from a book review?? This webpage by the UC Santa Cruz Library does a good job of explaining lit reviews.

Annual Reviews Online--THE place for LITERATURE reviews in the social sciences!